IMB Europe Prayers July, 12, 2019

Here are the week’s prayer requests from our IMB missionaries in Europe. Thanks for praying.

Eastern Europe– Please pray for a team from Alabama from July 13 – 19 who will be engaging those in a major eastern European capital city this week through speaking clubs and other events. Pray for logistics, safety and wisdom for the team. Pray for lasting effects and that the workers in the city have many new contacts and opportunities to share in the future as a result.

Scotland– From July 14th-20th we will be hosting a volunteer team that will assist our church plant in engaging the community with gospel outreach projects including prayer walking, narrative mapping, broad seed sowing and putting on a holiday club (VBS). Please pray that God would use these efforts to connect families and individuals to Christ and His church.

Germany– Please pray for a colleague in Germany who will be leading her first volunteer team (on her own) this week. This will also be a creative approach to engaging people in gospel conversations. Please ask the Lord to grant the team many excellent opportunities to share Christ as well as lead them to prepared hearts.

Bulgaria– Colleagues in Gabrovo, Bulgaria ask for prayer for the start of a three-week seeker Bible study, beginning Monday.

Ukraine– July 16-18, personnel in Kyiv, Ukraine are hosting a like-minded church planting conference. This event already has pastors from Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and possibly Moldova. Pray that this newly formed group of men and churches will form a union of churches that desire to reach their country and beyond!

England– Praise the Lord with us that Castlegate Church in the Black Country, England, still in the early stages of planting a new church in a nearby town, last week were given permission to meet in a community centre for weekly worship/prayer!  Please continue to pray that the pastor of Castlegate would hear from the Lord on how best to move forward with this new church plant.

Belgiun– The Ghent Festival (in Ghent, Belgium) begins on Friday, 19 July for 10 days. Please pray for 2 volunteer teams from North Carolina and Tennessee as they travel to Brussels and make their way to Ghent. Pray for logistics to go smoothly and for the many projects with which they will be involved. Pray for the Lord to use these teams to be able to share the gospel with many Belgians.

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