IMB Europe Prayer Requests August 26, 2019

Here are this week’s IMB Europe prayer requests:

Europe: Please pray for the many MKs across the European Affinity who have started school during the last few weeks or who will start within in the next two weeks. Pray for good friendships, great teachers and a blessed school year.

Germany: Please pray for the first day of school at Black Forest Academy in Germany where there will be 23 IMB MKs in the boarding school program and 7 home students attending this year. Pray for those parents who have to say good-bye to their kids and may not see them for several months.

Bulgaria: Pray for a group of believers in central Bulgaria that has made plans to covenant together as a church in the upcoming weeks. 

Greece: TeamThessaloniki asks that we pray for God to continue to give the four Orthodox ladies attending a Bible study a hunger to know Him more and give each a repentant heart and faith in Christ only for salvation. Pray for God to use these ladies to begin a church in their neighborhood.

Hungary: Budapest Team personnel (Hungary) ask that you pray with them for the planned launch of a new group in September for the purpose of discipleship and a church plant. Ask God to piece together the group, adding members as He sees fit, and that He will raise it up into a healthy church.

Sweden: Pray for Lila Jag open pre-school in Sweden. Lila Jag is a weekly outreach to parents with small children that live in the city. It is a great opportunity for parents and their kids to hear about Jesus and get connected with the Swedish church, Folkungakyrkan.

Austria: We had a team from the USA who helped us with our local church’s projects. We praise the Lord for the lives that have been touched through the ministry of this group.

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