Prayers for IMB November 5

Here are some prayer requests from our IMB missionaries to pray over today. Have a wonderful day

Columbia—Until recently, the language of the Nu people existed only in oral form. Colombian missionaries, Lia* and John,* are working to finish up some of the technical pieces of their language translation work with the Nu people. Lia is collecting words of the Nu language into a dictionary, writing down their grammar methods, and gathering Bible stories into books for the Nu to read as they begin to learn to read their language. Join the Nu People Team in praising God that the specific programs they needed to finish the work have been acquired. The work is nearly done. Pray that the Lord will reveal any issues that need to be addressed as the grammar and technical aspects of the language are put into written form. Ask that the process of completing the work will be smooth and quick.

Central Asia—Praise God for how he’s moving among the Luli! A Tajik believer recently reported that there is a group of more than 100 Luli believers outside a major city in Uzbekistan. They are growing in their faith and are desiring to go to Tajikistan to witness to Luli Gypsies living in that country. It’s exciting to learn how God is moving and to look forward to seeing what will happen next! Please pray for these Luli believers to continue to grow in their faith and to have a clear vision for ministry and outreach, and pray for local believers in the area where they live to know how to spur them on in their newfound faith.

🇲🇿 Mozambique—The school year in the Southern Hemisphere starts in February or March and ends during November or December. It’s very different from schools the United States. The seasons are also different in this hemisphere. Therefore, the Chuabo students who are about to finish twelfth grade this month are looking to continue with their education by going to college, but there is a problem. Chuabo students have to take an admission exam to be able to attend a university. Many students will take the test, but only a few will be able to start college because of the limited number of universities that are available and the limited number of new students they can take each year. Please pray for the Christian Chuabo students who are finishing high school and are starting to apply to universities. Ask that they will be able to pass the exams and start college next year. Pray that these students will not forget their faith in Christ and that they will continue to walk in obedience to Christ each day.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England—-A missionary in Bristol, England shares, “There is a lot of loneliness and anxiety on campuses today. We have had almost 20 suicides in the last year here in Bristol among students. It has the highest rate of any school in England. One of the students who goes to our Tuesday night Bible study was discovered at the beginning of the semester crying walking along a street. One of our members noticed him and asked him if he could do anything for him. He discovered he was very lonely after arriving in Bristol only 2 days. He is active in our Church now and has shared with me other students who he wants us to pray for that are in similar situations.”

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland—PRAISE! Thank you for praying for C, the Chinese student who recently began coming to church and attending the mid-week missional community (in Scotland)! This past Sunday she professed faith in Jesus after the church service! Praise God that her heart has been “transformed” (her own words)! Please pray that she would grow in her love and knowledge of the Lord, for wisdom as our colleague walks alongside her in discipleship and for boldness for her to share her new faith with her friends and family.

🇩🇪 Germany—We thank God for our 2 groups that meet on Tuesdays, Harlaching and Johanneskirchen. They are now considered “Welcome Hauskreis” and we have increased from 4 to 7 in each group! The members are obedient and even have a little friendly competition when inviting visitors to their groups (i.e. “ours is better, we have music!”). Pray for newcomers, that they will feel at home and learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Once again, thank you for praying today.

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