Prayers for IMB Japan–January 1, 2020

Please join me in praying for the following requests this week from our IMB team in Japan:

  1. ray for good relationships with one of our IMB families and their new neighbors. They each thank God for their previous relationships He gave them in their old neighborhood and ask that you pray with them that seeds planted there would continue to grow as they now begin sowing gospel seeds in a new community.
  2. Pray for the moms that one of our workers has met during a weekly jazzercise class. She is thankful that the families have sought deeper relationships. Pray that both hearts and doors to share the gospel will be opened and they will be forever changed through Jesus!
  3. Pray for Rie-san that God will continue to work and soften her heart. Our workers are thankful she continues to want to know more about Jesus and the Bible and continues to meet to know more. Ask that as she continues to seek for truth it will lead her to repentance and acceptance of Jesus as her Lord and Savior.
  4. Pray for a new young adult group that will be starting this month in Takasaki. Pray that God will grow the believers in unity and that everyone will encourage each other in sharing their faith to their friends and coworkers! 
  5. Recently, one of our workers has met a young high school student who is interested in Christianity. They had a great conversation and he was given a Jesus manga and the New Testament and he has been reading them with much interest, letting our worker know what he finds intriguing. Pray the Lord guides his heart to repentance and faith in the only Savior, Jesus Christ. 
  6. Pray for Y-san, who because of some past trauma, sometimes cannot sleep well at night. This affects her ability to properly take care of her children. Pray that she puts her faith in Jesus and for He to take away her burdens as our team mentors her.
  7. On Christmas Day pray for H-san who was recently baptized and is honored to be a Christian. Pray for her spiritual growth and that her love for Jesus and His Word will grow more every day.

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