Prayers for IMB Americas January 3, 2020

Here are prayer requests from our IMB team in the Americas. There are no names given for security reasons:

  1. Colombia–Pray for a new worker and his preparation as he will be joining our team in May for 3-year term.
  2. Peru–God continues to call His servants into the harvest field! Recently, the son of a Cuban pastor in Arequipa, along with his wife and children, followed God’s call to serve among the Arequipa Quechua in Los Charcos*. This is a difficult and dark area with much idolatry, including the worship of crosses and high places. Pray for this couple, Felipe* and Elena* and for their children as they adjust to life and schooling and ministry in Los Charcos.
  3. Chile–Pray for the church planter in Catemu. Pray as we visit the town of Llayllay where Miguel has heart set on starting a new work. Pray that God will go before us and open doors and show us where He is already working.
  4. Amazon River–Continue to pray for the Lord to send two pastors for our two local churches. Pray for our “Naka” people group as they are planting and building at their new village site in preparation to move next year. They are planning on building a church too! Pray for spiritual and physical health as one family tries to keep the ministries of two families going. 
  5. Brazil–  Please pray for a new church plant in Porto Alegre as it will be completely turned over to national leadership at the end of the year. Please pray for Pastor E and his family as they assume this ministry. Please pray for smooth transition and that this new church will impact families and their neighborhood with multiplying disciples and multiplying churches.
  6. Mexico– Pray for the work in Los Amoles in Guanajuato to bear adult fruit. Again, lots of catholic push back.
  7. The M Team– Please pray for the chief of the M reservation and his family. They have been coming to our worship services this month. Pray for God to move in his heart and family as they hear the truth from His Word.

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