Prayers for IMB Europe January 13, 2020

Here are this week’s prayer requests from our IMB team in Europe. Thank you all for praying.

Australia–This isn’t from Europe, but please take some time today to pray for those affected by the wildfires in Australia. There are families who have gone on vacation who have not been able to return because the fires have prevented their return. Pray for the firefighters who are battling the wildfires.

Ukraine–Pray for believers in Ukraine who will be performing concerts along the conflict zone, IMB personnel who will be holding medical clinics, and volunteers from Germany who will be helping distribute gifts.

Siberia–Please pray for a national partner evangelism meeting taking place today in Siberia where evanglism projects for the next six months will be planned.

Hungary–Please pray for Lily. She is a sixteen year old in Hungary who has a lot of Bible knowledge. Pray that God will reveal Himself to her as her Savior.

Macedonia–Pray for a lady in Macedonia who has attended several meetings and is very interested in learning more about God. Pray for her next steps to commit to a regular Bible study.

Russia–Please pray for new field personnel in Russia who will begin language school this week.

Germany–Please pray for an evangelistic ice skating event that will happen this Saturday in Munich Germany. Pray for gospel conversations.

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