People Group A Cluster Newsletter for January

I receive a bunch of missionary newsletters. I’m going to start posting some of them here. For security purposes, the names will be changed and countries will not be listed, even in places that are relatively safe.

This newsletter is from a group of missionaries that work with a people group cluster. A people group cluster is a group of unreached or unevangelized people groups.

We value our partners. We know the task of reaching these unreached people groups would be impossible if we did not have partners that were willing to pray, give, and go. Without stateside partners, resources would be limited and there would be more feelings of discouragement. We know that with God, all things are possible, but it is through stateside partnerships that we persevere through all the ups and downs of missionary life. We have been encouraged this month by the following testimony from a stateside partnering church.

“I have been a part of our church for six years. Our pastor planted this church 25 years ago and one of the things that drew us to this church was how well they loved on the community: always doing outreach events whether with formal events or members just being the hands and feet of Jesus wherever they went. What we did not see from our church was a lot of missions going on outside of our community. When my husband and I joined the church, we asked if we could lead a mission trip, and we were told yes! We didn’t know if anyone would trust these young kids with no experience to lead them to a foreign country, but that year we had 15 brave souls go to another country with us. God has continued to grow the ministry to that country, but recently God has given us a heart for people who have little or no access to the gospel. We started a team and began to pray about how God would have us join Him in this work. We were put in touch with a missionary and when I asked how we could partner with him, he explained how we could pray, give, and go. As he mentioned the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, I realized that while we give to the cooperative program, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering was something our church had never done before. It seemed like an awesome way for our church to start supporting our missions as a church body, so I asked our church pastor if we could start participating in the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and he said Yes!!!! I am so excited that our church is always looking for the next step God is asking us to take, and I’ve learned that sometimes, all you have to do is ask.”

Please pray for this church and their missions efforts, and for the people group cluster as they try to give people who have no access to the gospel the life changing message of Christ.

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