Prayers for IMB Europe January 20, 2020

Here are the prayers for this week from our IMB missionaries in Europe:

Belgium–Pray for a Dutch man attending the new church start in Namur, Belgium. He recently had a heart attack and had to get a stint placed. Pray for his health. He is a good evangelist and so pray as well that during this time he would be a light as he is surrounded by the medical community. Pray for the church plant as they seek to be his family during this time. 

Germany–“Please pray for “L” as he meets for discipleship. Praise the Lord that he chose to follow Jesus and that he is hearing the Word of God and being obedient with what he is learning.” 

England–Missionaries in Bristol, England had numerous opportunities to share Christ with internationals during the Christmas holidays. Some of them have shown great openness. Pray specifically for three Chinese grad students who have received a full Gospel share but are yet to make decisions. They will only be in England for two or three semesters before they return to China or move on to their next school. Pray for schedules as they try to find time amidst classes to follow-up with these students. The missionaries also ask for prayer concerning the sharing and developing of a strong relationship with a couple in their neighborhood over the past year. The couple has had some health issues lately that has provided an opportunity to minister to them. Pray that this will be an open door for the gospel. 

Hungary–Eastern Hungary workers ask that you lift up a January 22 to 25 “week of prayer” in the town of Karcag, presented by national believers of several different church backgrounds. The series of events will focus on unity among believers in Christ. “Baptist pastors that we partner with will be speaking on two of the evenings,” writes the IMB personnel. “Ask the Lord to use these special services to call His people to be united in genuine, fervent prayer, and that they will be deeply stirred to action with the goal of reaching their communities for Christ.”

Romania–Please pray for the seminary students in Bucharest, Romania as they take exams this month. Pray that the material will not be something to just cram and forget, but that instead they will put it into practice for the sake of the lost turning to Jesus.

Macedonia–Team Macedonia asks that we please pray for opportunities to share the truth of Christ with lost friends there. Please ask for gentleness and urgency in sharing, and for open hearts for these dear students.

Russia–Sunday, 26 January is an important meeting for a church in Russia. Please be in prayer for them as they will be asked to begin praying for the new church planting team that will be announced. 

Thank you all so much for praying.

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