Prayers for IMB JapanMay 13, 2020

Here are prayer requests for this week from our IMB team in Japan

A close friend of one of our MKs who is also the same age, had major heart surgery in January. The present situation with the Coronavirusis a major concern for both he and his single mom. Pray for peace in their hearts and for trust in Jesus. Pray that they will come to know the Prince of Peace.

Pray for S-san who is passionate for Christ and works with the elderly daily. She also has started learning Korean in hopes of sharing the gospel with her Korean friends. Pray that she continues to find joy in God in difficult working conditions. Pray for her witness to the at-risk elderly and her Korean friends.

Both established churches and missionaries alike continue going into the highways and hedges of Kawasaki, Japan’s eighth largest city with 1.5 million people, to take the gospel to the 99.5% still non-Christian. Following God’s leading to plant a church in a neighboring community, Yurigaoka Baptist Church launched its efforts in spring of 2019 by beginning an evangelistic English Bible study targeting young professionals they hope will form the foundation of the new work. Additionally, a missionary-led church plant in the center of Kawasaki is experiencing growth in both attendance and interest which the group’s Christian members are praying is the beginning of a mighty spiritual awakening leading to the salvation of many. As you praise God for the two representative church planting efforts highlighted here, pray for countless other churches and believers to catch the vision and join the ranks of those piercing the darkness with the gospel of Christ.

“Autumn’s” mother and sister are Christians and encouraged her to connect to Praise Church’s moms outreach. She was connecting deeply there but recently moved away from Tokyo. However, she found a church from the same denomination in her new neighborhood. Pray she comes to believe in Christ soon.

A young lady is asking many questions of the believers in a church recently. These Japanese Christians have been clearly sharing the gospel and stories of God’s work in their lives. As this young lady reads her new Bible, ask that God calm her fears and give her saving faith in Jesus.

Pray for Japanese students in Osaka whose study abroad trips have been cancelled. Many would have heard the good news in the States. Pray that they would still be open to the gospel and have many opportunities to hear while they remain here in Japan.

The Osaka team was blessed to see their new church plant observe its first baptism last month but moving forward discipleship of new believers will be key. Pray that in this new age of social distancing and the challenges this brings, the building up of new Japanese believers will continue.

Thank you for praying this week.

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