President Trump’s Re-election Restart—Take 2

On the agenda for today: President Trump’s re-election campaign part 2,

President Trump will once again try to fire up the rage meter tonight as he holds his second campaign rally of the general election campaign. The event will be held this afternoon at Dream City Church in Phoenix Arizona. President Trump won Arizona by 3 percentage points in 2016, but a realclearpolitics poll shows him trailing Joe Biden, especially among younger voters which AZ Central admits “Can be a tough crowd for Republicans.”

Will the Arizona crowd underwhelm expectations? Probably not. The event organizers in Arizona are anticipating a much smaller crowd. Attendance at the Tulsa rally was roughly one-third of the campaign’s expectations. If only 1,000 show up in Phoenix this afternoon, the event will be another setback for the President’s campaign.

Will event attendees wear masks? Will campaign staff wear masks, including the President. Phoenix passed an ordinance Friday requiring masks to be worn inside public places. Arizona has seen a surge of Covid19 infections, and hospitalizations in recent weeks. Dream City Church


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